Want to see your name in lights? Twenty-five winners will be given the chance to name a character after themselves or a friend in one of Jeff’s upcoming novels. Here’s all you have to do. Send an email to Jeff with the correct answers to both of these questions.

Easy, right? Wrong. Here are the questions:

“What is the name of Marianne O’Hara’s bodyguard in Nevada?”


“What is Nicholas Foley’s real name?”

Nevada? Marianne? Nicholas? What?

Well, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Here’s your only hint. There is one faint clue to this puzzle in Jeff’s bio. Good luck. Winners will be notified immediately, but Jeff reserves the right to ask winners to give their character a different name if their first choice is too close to the name of an established character.

Winners So Far…

Susan Tunis, California.

Resonant Frequency, an anonymous online personality, has also answered the quiz correctly, and submitted the name Tanya Huff to use for a character.

Micki Rezac, Nebraska.

* Lewis Bornmann, California.

Elizabeth Kleier answered the quiz correctly and submitted the name of her daughter, Emily Flint, to use as a character.

* Joshua E. Morrison, California.

* Dirk Walls, another winner from California (I think this game must be rigged!).

* Matthew J. Harrington answered the quiz correctly and submitted the name of his friend, James Patrick, to use as a character.

* Rebecca Drayer, New York.

Johnny Bowen, Arkansas.

Sean Walsh, California.

David Hoyer, West Virginia.

* Rick Fuelling, U.K.

* Courtney Hall of Washington D.C. answered the quiz correctly and slyly submitted the name of his company, Myth Software, to use as a business or a corporation in an upcoming story.

* Chad DeBrun of Illinois answered the quiz correctly and submitted the name of his son, Gavin DeBrun, to use as a character.

* Matthew Wester, Massachusetts.

* David Hunt, U.K.

* Joost Cornet, Netherlands.

* Kathleen Berns, Georgia.

Extra Characters Earned Creatively

* On their own initiative, super fans Jeff and Ashley Sierzenga created 3-D schematics and polymer scale models of the “archos bot” in Plague Year. Their designs were featured on genre portal, which was outrageously cool.

* Robert Macaulay won a charity auction to benefit  the Solano Library Foundation and asked to have his friend and partner, a search and rescue K-9 named Orion, used as a character.

* Benjamin Metzler, super fan, surprised Jeff with fantastic artwork for both The Frozen Sky and Long Eyes and Other Stories, after which Jeff decided he’d better surprise Ben by writing him into a story.

* International super fan Rauno Pärnits designed an English language crossword puzzle featuring several questions about American sci fi writer Jeff Carlson, a fun and unique brain-teaser!

* Serge Lubomudrov, Lee Ashford and Byron Troutman were the winners of the “Bounty Hunter” contest to seek and destroy typos in the first edition of The Frozen Sky.

Where They Ended Up

* Marine PFC Susan Tunis in Plague War. Killed In Action.

* NSA Special Agent Michelle Rezac in Plague Zone. Killed In Action.

* Army Ranger Tanya Huff in Plague Zone. Killed In Action.

* USAF Air Commando Lewis Bornmann in Plague Zone. Killed In Action.

* Marine General Dirk Walls in Plague Zone. Survives?

* Math teacher Josh Morrison in Colony High. Face ripped off by freaky alien lizard hordes.

* Computational biologist Emily Flint in Interrupt. Survives?

* Marine Staff Sergeant James Patrick in Interrupt. Killed In Action.

* NSA Agent Rebecca Drayer in Interrupt. Survives?

National Guard Colonel Johnny Bowen in Interrupt. Survives?

* National Guard Captain Sean Walsh in Interrupt. Survives?

* David Hoyer is too similar in name to one of Interrupt’s heroes, ROMEO Agent Drew Haldane, so David agreed to wait patiently for Jeff’s next novel. Since this will be something of a wait, David was also awarded a cameo appearance in the Secret New Big Thriller Novel as the USS Hoyer, an Aegis cruiser in the carrier strike group featured in the book. Destroyed in battle.

* Navy Captain Rick Fuelling in Interrupt. Killed In Action.

* Bob Macaulay and Orion, civilian USAR unit conscripted by ROMEO in Interrupt. Do they survive?

* ESA linguist Rauno Pärnits in The Frozen Sky. Killed in hull rupture.

* ESA pilot Ash Sierzenga in Frozen Sky novels 1 – 4. Survives?

* ESA exogeologist Ben Metzler in Frozen Sky novels 1 – 4. Killed in hull rupture.

* A.I. proxy of EUSD Admiral Joost Cornet in Frozen Sky novels 2 – 4. Corrupted by PSSC sabotage and control programs in Frozen Sky 3… but can an AI ever truly die?

* NASA Commander Gavin DeBrun in Frozen Sky novel 4. Survives?

* NASA Specialist David Hunt in Frozen Sky novel 4. Survives?

* NASA Specialist Matthew Wester in Frozen Sky novel 4. Killed in hull rupture.

* NASA Specialist Byron Troutman in Frozen Sky novel 4. Survives?

Characters to appear in an upcoming tech thriller…

* Serge Lubomudrov.

* Lee Ashford.

* David Hoyer.

* Myth Software.

* Kathleen Berns.