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Catching up in 2014

Holy godzillas, dude! It’s hard to believe I haven’t blogged since October… but more and more, I find myself letting the social media fall to the wayside. Partly that’s because I spend all day in front of a computer, so more computer isn’t too exciting.  Mostly it’s to make time for the flesh-and-blood relationships in […] giveaway of THE FROZEN SKY!

In case y’all missed it, the good folks at SF Signal are hosting another giveaway by, this time for The Frozen Sky.  You can find out all about on SF Signal.  Here’s the short scoop to point you in the right direction… but go there!   ;> Win an Audiobook of Jeff Carlson’s THE FROZEN SKY! […]

Believe It Or Not, I’m Still Alive…

…and I’ve been meaning to post an insightful and well-considered blog about books like The Clan of The Cave Bear, Subterranean, Darwin’s Radio, and the classic novella Inconstant Moon, all of which have surely been sloshing around inside my brain for years. No question Inconstant Moon was partly my inspiration for the original short story of […] giveaway of PLAGUE WAR and ZONE

The good folks at SF Signal have been hosting a giveaway by Audible.  You can find out all about it on their site.  Here’s a teaser to get you started…  But go there!  Go there!    Free audiobooks of Jeff Carlson’s Plague War and Plague Zone from! Audible is running a special promotion for free […]

I’ve Been Out In The World

Yes, sometimes they actually let me out of my room.  So here are two fun pictures of the places I’ve been.  In one, you’ll see, I was on the set of the remake of The Birds with Harvey Keitel.  Love that guy. In the other, I seem to have been in dream land…?