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From A Distant Shore And Back In Time

Recently I learned that the original short story of Skostniałe niebo, better known as The Frozen Sky, appeared in the July 2010 issue of Polish sci fi magazine Nowa Fantastyka. Heck, they even paid me for it.  Even better, this issue was a Poul Freaking Anderson special!  That’s how far I’m willing to go to […]

Turkish editions of the PLAGUE YEAR trilogy

This summer I’ve had a lot of fun seeing new artwork (and new titles) for old books. Published by Arunas Yayincilik in Turkey, here are the covers of Veba Yili, Veba Savasi, and Veba Bolgosi.  I don’t speak Turkish, but my bet is “Veba” means “Plague.”  What do you think? I also like see Ruth […]


This week I received the greatest email in history from a fan.  A few weeks ago, he attended the Terrapin Hill Farms “Family Reunion” Musical Festival in central Kentucky. The government obviously hushed up this whole affair because it would rock the world.  There would be rioting nationwide, and everyone on the planet would demand […]

More fun from the Netherlands!

My fine editor in chief, Theo Barkel, sent some awesome photos from an sf/f festival on the lawns of a magnificent castle.  You got your wookies.  You got your killer elves.  You got your book sellers with awesome sci fi thrillers like Het Jaar Van De Plaag. Looks like a lot of fun!

I’ve heard the return of PLAGUE YEAR…

…and so can you!   The killer Jeffrey Kafer has narrated an all-new audiobook of Plague Year.  It’s good stuff.  Check it out on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. But be warned!  This guy is as hard-core as the book itself.  

Wild-Eyed E-Revolutionary Pirate King

That’s me.  I’ve become a WEERPiK, which of course is pronounced “were-pick” like a werewolf with a pickaxe… and that ain’t nobody you want to meet in a dark alley!  Welcome to the future.  This weekend I’m running Frozen Sky 2 at 99c on Kindle.

Jeff Without A Net

Actually, it’s Jeff On The Net, which sounds like a Dr. Seuss book.  In case you missed ‘em, I had guest pieces and an except on SF Signal and io9 during the past couple weeks.  Here are the handy urls: