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“Long Eyes” Audiobooks!!!

Or… Nobody Ever Tells Me Nuthin’…   😉 Many moons ago, Audible bought audio rights to my short story collection Long Eyes.  After signing contracts, that was the last I heard of it except to learn that the smooth-voiced Chris Snelgrove was producing and narrating.  Sweet. Way behind the curve as usual, I recently discovered […]

Sly & Inventive New Sci Fi Novel

The inestimable Charles Jane Anders released her new title this week, a techno-magical-apocalyptic-love-and-doom novel (try saying that five times in a row!).  It’s called All The Birds In The Sky.  Not surprisingly, Sky is stacking up positive reviews for being thoughtful yet fast-paced and unique.  Check it out!!!

Deep into FS3 and eating cinnamon toast!

Team Carlson had a killer set of holidays.  Hope you did, too.  Now that the madness is settling down, I’m back at work, which means almost-healthy-breakfasts of WAAAAAAAAAY too much coffee, yogurt, bananas… and cinnamon toast… Sometimes it’s tough to focus on the real world when your brain is inside Europa.

Inside Scoop on BLINDSIDED!!!!!

THANK YOU to everyone who’s emailed to say “Where the heck is the third FROZEN SKY novel?”  I love it.   No question this book is woefully behind schedule. I finally updated my official bio on this site and here’s the short explanation: “Early in 2015, Jeff was badly injured while muscling a 400 pound […]

Killer new horror anthology

I’m excited to see the Not Your Average Monster anthology, which includes my darkest-of-all story “Monsters.”  And I say that as the guy who wrote Plague Year and Interrupt.  Aha ha ha.  “Monsters” is a bleak, sick story only for the strongest of heart!!!!    😉 Our good editor Pete Kahle has assembled quite the collection […]

Late As Usual But Having Fun!

Here is the seriously disturbing June 2015 cover of the sci fi magazine Nowa Fantaskya, a major publication in Poland, whose editor Marcin Zwierzchowski is an individual of taste and genius.  I love working with this team!!!!!  The 6/15 issue includes fiction by Le Guin and Paolo Bah-cha-gah-loop-ee.  (That’s my phonetic spelling; he’s better known […]

Plague War in Dutch!

As usual, I’m late (again) to my own party… but better late than never! The good folks at Uitgeverij Macc released their blockbuster edition of Plague War last month.  I have to say, their titles are my favorites from around the world.  Tell this doesn’t sound extremely cool: De Oorlog van de Plaag Here is […]