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Killer new sci fi from Anspach & Cole

Check it out! The Galaxy is a Dumpster Fire… A hot, stinking, dumpster fire. And most days I don’t know if the legionnaires are putting out the flames, or fanning them into an inferno. A hostile force ambushes Victory Company during a reconnaissance-in-force deep inside enemy territory. Stranded behind enemy lines, a sergeant must lead […]

I Don’t Understand

A few days ago, we saw this sticker on the freeway.  Please tell me what I’m missing?  Is this person trying to imply that their offspring are, at times, aggressive or dominant or superior?  If so, why not say that instead of saying their kids are assholes?  Huh????  

Cover reveal for FS4: Battlefront

As usual, I am late again, but the inestimable Jasper Schreurs is not!  Me, I cracked my rib skiing.  Yes.  Again.  Could I *be* more stupid?!?  Muscle spasms and doctor visits and stretching and resting are eating up my days.  😛 Fortunately, Genius Jasper knows what he is doing.  Look at this!!!!

World’s Greatest Book Reviews

Like many writers, I have a habit of checking the Amazon pages of my books to see how they’re ranked from week to week.  I’m also intrigued by reviews not only on Amazon but on Goodreads, Kobo, Nook, blogs, everywhere.  It’s interesting to see what people say.  Writing is a lonely job, so I always […]

The Motherlode of Sci Fi

This week I’m part of a brain-croggling adventure for any fan of science fiction.  The road is short and the treasure is great!  Aha ha ha.  Here’s the scoop… Sci-Fi Bridge is dedicated to bringing you exclusive deals, new releases, and other exciting news from your favorite Sci-Fi authors straight to your inbox! In order […]

I’m Peaking As We Speak !!!

Good friends of ours opened a float therapy business called Peak Performance Float Inc.  Here is their website.  The address is 311 Lennon Lane Ste #A in Walnut Creek, CA 94596.  You can call them at 925-899-87761. For a sci fi guy living in the future, I don’t get out much.  I’d never heard of […]

New sci fi anthology !!!

Today I’m actually on time!  Amazing! My short story “Pressure” leads off a new sci fi anthology called At The Helm, which is for sale on Kindle today.  Below is the snappy description.  Here is the space battle cover art.  🙂 Interstellar journeys. Epic battles. Artificial Intelligence’s longing for meaning. Life as we know it, […]

The Strange New Land of OSTIUM !!!

I can no longer remember the last time I wasn’t late to a party!  🙂 Hard to believe I haven’t blogged since October.  Wow.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work.  More on that soon.  Meanwhile, here’s a fun new podcast from Alex Telander called Ostium. Ostium is bout a secret town where no […]