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Welcome to the future!

Here’s a fun peek at the future. My friend Adad Warda is one of the driving forces behind SKY CITY HAYA. You remember Adad as the talent who directed, filmed and produced my “mini movie” book trailer for the Plague Year trilogy… …and keep in mind that Adad filmed and produced this trailer on a […]

I Live! But this guy’s gonna die…

Hard to believe it’s been so long since I posted.  The good news is I’ve busily had my nose to the grind working on Frozen Sky 3.  Getting close!  In other good news, super genius Jasper Schreurs has also been a busy bee.  Here is a sneak peek at his upcoming artwork for FS3.   😉 […]

Japanese edition of THE FROZEN SKY

Recently I received author copies of Tokyo Sogensha’s edition of The Frozen Sky, which are insanely cool.  Love the cover art.  It looks so much like my childhood heroes from Starblazers and Robotech, I can barely stand it.  I absolutely LOVED the shows! Here is their version of Vonnie…  

From A Distant Shore And Back In Time

Recently I learned that the original short story of Skostniałe niebo, better known as The Frozen Sky, appeared in the July 2010 issue of Polish sci fi magazine Nowa Fantastyka. Heck, they even paid me for it.  Even better, this issue was a Poul Freaking Anderson special!  That’s how far I’m willing to go to […]

I’ve Been Away… But I’ve Still Been Blabbering! :)

Hard to believe it was September when I last added to this blog.  Mostly that’s because my brain has been inside Europa.  Partly it’s  because I was fielding interviews and guest pieces elsewhere.  In case you missed ’em… Here’s an author interview with moi by top horror writer Iain Rob Wright. Guest blog at SF […]

Turkish editions of the PLAGUE YEAR trilogy

This summer I’ve had a lot of fun seeing new artwork (and new titles) for old books. Published by Arunas Yayincilik in Turkey, here are the covers of Veba Yili, Veba Savasi, and Veba Bolgosi.  I don’t speak Turkish, but my bet is “Veba” means “Plague.”  What do you think? I also like see Ruth […]


This week I received the greatest email in history from a fan.  A few weeks ago, he attended the Terrapin Hill Farms “Family Reunion” Musical Festival in central Kentucky. The government obviously hushed up this whole affair because it would rock the world.  There would be rioting nationwide, and everyone on the planet would demand […]

More fun from the Netherlands!

My fine editor in chief, Theo Barkel, sent some awesome photos from an sf/f festival on the lawns of a magnificent castle.  You got your wookies.  You got your killer elves.  You got your book sellers with awesome sci fi thrillers like Het Jaar Van De Plaag. Looks like a lot of fun!