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The Chewbacca Defense

We live in northern California in a small old house built in 1961, when everybody but everybody was putting in pools.  The old-timers on the street tell us the owner used dynamite to blast a crater into the sandstone.  Try doing that without a permit in 2016! Our pool is a huge, deep, uneven rectangle […]


In case you missed it, I have finally returned from Jupiter… and I brought a new book with me.  It’s called The Frozen Sky 3: Blindsided.  FS3 has a killer cover by Jasper ‘the Genius’ Schreurs, a sweet blurb by Allen Steele, and, best of all, it’s all about Vonnie and the sunfish. Please let […]

If you speak German!

Eisiger Himmel, better known to many as The Frozen Sky, is currently seeing a fine promotion from the good folks at AmazonCrossing on their Kindle Deal Of The Week. If you can follow Vonnie in her native German, now may be the time! They also have a killer audiobook narrated by the commanding and smooth […]

Ja! Hörbuch-Download EISIGER HIMMEL!

Yes, that’s German to you. Alexis Vonderach has a new audiobook in her native language from Audible as narrated by the smooth, intent voice of Susanne Grawe.  If you’re in Germany or Austria, or if you just Sprechen sie Deutsch, it sounds incredibly cool.    

Last Of The Far Gods

Check this out!  Like, I know this guy!!!!!  In fact, I have him lined up as an insider advisor for my next novel, which will a present-day thriller.  (First I gotta finish the now-very-hefty Frozen Sky 3: Blindsided.) Corbin Maxwell’s novel Last Of The Far Gods was released this week! On the dusty surface of […]

Updates & Errata

 We’re heading into the final day-and-a-half of the big ebook sale!  See info again here. My German is not what it should be since my wife is German!  In the new Visionarium anthology, the title of my short story “Pressure” is “Druck,” not Die Austrocknun.”  My bad.   😛  I really am actually kinda finally for […]

8 Writers. 22 Books. Big Sale!

This week, the Plague Year trilogy and Long Eyes are included in an Escape Your Taxes Sale… and if you can’t have fun avoiding the IRS, at least you can distract yourself with some good reads!  Check it out! Psst. Ever wonder what Chuck Wendig’s Blue Blazes is all about? Or want to dip your toes into […]

Fun News From Germany

My short story “Die Austrocknun,” probably better known as “Pressure,” has been translated into German in an Austrian anthology series called Visionarium. If you’re in the Fatherland, you can find it in print and on Kindle.  Or if you’re bilingual, it’s also in the U.S.   😉